Welcome to EBC, DC Area- USA

"ye must be born again..." John 3:7

Meet our Pastors

Rev. Pau Khan Cin and Rev. Kam Dong Mang

Our Mission

To make disciples and spread saving gospel of Christ

Men Ministries

Women Ministries

Missions Abroad

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Daily Bible Verse

Tua mah bangin mite in na gamtatna hoihte uh a muh ciangin vantunga om na Pa uh a phat nadingun na khuavak uh mite mai-ah na tangsak un.

Matthew 5:16 (ZIV)


"Topa tawh tonkhawm in na paina peuh ah.."

Contact US

901 Courtney Rd.

Baltimore, MD-21227

Mail: gzkhai@gmail.com

Tel: 443-621-3984

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